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Picnic in the Park

Un dimanche après-midi à Cheesman parc

Denver UX Summer Series continues with a picnic this month in lieu of our usual indoor workshop and speaking session. While we love professional development, we also want to make time for work/ play balance. The Summer months are short, we are going to take this opportunity to enjoy them with our fellow designers.

Let’s grab our picnic basket and head to Cheesman Park!!!

Picnic accoutrement essentials
Cool shades
Snazzy hats to start a design conversation or fashion faux pas

Fun and Games
* if people are interested in a game of volleyball please indicate in the comments and plus 1 in replies. If we have more than 10, I’ll figure out a way to coordinate nets.

Food and Drinks
Please bring some of your favorite snacks with some spare to share with your pair ( trying to rhyme, but obviously I should stay in design and not lyrics)
Adult beverages, consider cans over glass, but wine is encouraged
Denver UX will provide utensils and cups ( Solo Yolo)
*if we want to do a more elaborate food scheme with coordinated items so we don’t end up with 10 watermelons and 60 cans of Coors lite. Nothing wrong with that, but we could go with this organization scheme
If your last name falls in A-F bring beverages
If your last name falls in H-M bring veggies and fruits ( think groceries platters)
If your last name falls in O-T bring cheese, crackers, or meats ( think charcuterie)
If your last name falls in V-Z bring sweets ( personalities are great but we are thinking deserts)

Meet us at the Greek Pavilion

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Exploring UX Research!

    UX Director of Universal Mind RJ Owens spoke about how and why we do research. There was also a special appearance by the Nintendo Power Glove.

    Building a seat at the table

    Building a seat at the table: Promoting user centered designs with stakeholders - Joel Kilby gave an informal and practical discussion about how to apply empathy to your internal stakeholders, and demonstrate the value that UX brings to the organization.

    UX Brainstorming Workshop!

    User Experience Consultant Kris Davis will guided UXers through a workshop focused on creative brainstorming activities. We had fun while learning how to generate ideas and solutions at our job.