Denver Designers is a collective of designers coming together to forge a community of design professionals to learn, grow, and share knowledge. We strive to push ourselves and our peers to uphold best design principles and practices. We want to showcase our unique work and culture that highlights our distinctness of being in the Mountain region designer. By creating an inclusive, respectful, collaborative community with strong leaders and practitioner to share knowledge with each other and mentor the next generation of designers. Come meet our community at a monthly happy hour hosted at a unique spot in town or come join us for a panel/workshop hosted at a different studio to highlight different companies in town.

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2020 UX Wishlist and Portfolio Review with Adobe

Hello All,
Denver UX is collaborating Adobe for its professional event in Denver. There will be a panel with Amara as a moderator, she's a past speaker at Denver UX events, and design leaders in the area. They will be speaking about what's on their wishlist for 2020. If you are interested in getting your portfolio review there's a signup link.

For speakers information and event details, please check this link.

Hope to see you all there.
Zoe and Seth

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Design HH: Take on Your Challenges for 2020

    Considered one of the greatest decades of American & Western European culture in the 20th Century, the '20s welcomes revolutions of technical advancement, feminism, and the arts. This decade is marked by the advancement of the automobile, women's right to vote, the Lindy hop, the birth of jazz, and many more cultural phenomena.

    Ladies and Gents, we once again enter the beginning of another Roaring '20s! Come and celebrate with your fellow Designers in a special interactive Happy Hour. We will meet at Anecdote, a creatives cafe in Cap Hill with a '20s speakeasy vibe. Our theme is "Take on Your Challenges for 2020." Let's chat about our goals and find accountability partners who'll support our effort to reach them! Anecdote will be taking on its own challenge of putting a fun twist on Prohibition era cocktails. Come enjoy the art deco backdrop while sipping from a specially-crafted menu with drink specials for this Happy Hour.

    The Format:

    We set goals and resolutions with enthusiasm in the beginning of each year, but can we sustain them through the end of the year . . . or even the decade?
    What if we found a tribe of mentors and friends to help us along the way?? Think of a main challenge you want to tackle and bring it to our HH. When you sign in, take a name tag and place a color on your tag that corresponds with one of the following categories of growth:


    As you meet people throughout the night, recruit your team of 3 accountability partners, mentors, and peers -- assemble your A-Team to take on 2020 and beyond with a Roar!!!!

    Everyone is welcome, so feel free to bring friends from any field and stick around for a special bonus at the end of the night!


    Year end Happy Hour!!

    Hello Fellow Designers/UX'ers-

    We want to end the year with one more awesome happy hour! Let's go grab some drinks at Improper City. They have food trucks, a creative atmosphere, and most of all a warm place to have a drink with friends!


    Zoe and Seth


    Building Teams that Scale

    Hello All,

    Join us at Denver UX's final event for 2019. We partnered with Invision, Alteryx and Four Winds Interactive to bring to our community a finale to remember.
    This is a big combo event that will feature a panel discussion, a screening, and community mingling with delightful refreshments. You do not want miss this final event with the Denver Design community as we close out 2019 and focus on our plans for the holidays.

    This is an Invision sponsored event, we asked that you also RSVP on their site. There is a limited number of seatings at the FWI auditorium so please be 100% sure that you can attend before you RSVP because you'll be taking another person's seat if you RSVP and can't make it. Here is the link to RSVP.

    Thank you so much, we look forward to chat with you over drinks and delicious bites.

    Zoe, Seth, and our design friends.