Denver Designers is a collective of designers coming together to forge a community of design professionals to learn, grow, and share knowledge. We strive to push ourselves and our peers to uphold best design principles and practices. We want to showcase our unique work and culture that highlights our distinctness of being in the Mountain region designer. By creating an inclusive, respectful, collaborative community with strong leaders and practitioner to share knowledge with each other and mentor the next generation of designers. Come meet our community at a monthly happy hour hosted at a unique spot in town or come join us for a panel/workshop hosted at a different studio to highlight different companies in town.

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Step Away From the Pixels

Denver UX and Gusto is kicking off 2019 right! Come join your fellow designers for this panel at Gusto's office.

“Great design is more than having the right tools and processes. What other things—that may otherwise be overlooked—are important for designers to focus on in order to create great design that impacts their company, products, and teams?”
Lindsay Grizzard from Gusto will be speaking, Cory Grunkemeyer from Slack will be speaking, Mike Caskey of Pearson Ed, and Travis Ladue
Principal at Studio Mast.

Refreshment will be provided.

Parking can be found at the Tabor Center. You can also take public transportation via the light rail and then the free mall bus on 16th. Plan accordingly for downtown traffic.

For more info, visit Gusto

Quick Update, here's Gusto's quirky model on no shoes policy, but I heard from Zac it's not in forced in the Denver office.

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Exploring UX Research!

    UX Director of Universal Mind RJ Owens spoke about how and why we do research. There was also a special appearance by the Nintendo Power Glove.

    Building a seat at the table

    Building a seat at the table: Promoting user centered designs with stakeholders - Joel Kilby gave an informal and practical discussion about how to apply empathy to your internal stakeholders, and demonstrate the value that UX brings to the organization.

    UX Brainstorming Workshop!

    User Experience Consultant Kris Davis will guided UXers through a workshop focused on creative brainstorming activities. We had fun while learning how to generate ideas and solutions at our job.