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UX Happy Hour

It'll always be Summer at Denver UX. Take advantage of the few remainning warm days with patio drinking. 

Come relax and socialize with like-minded UX designers! There is no agenda, no speaker, and no pressure. Simply drinks with designers and friends! We have received rave reviews from members (you guys) from June HH and we have sweet talked Ratio into hosting us for the remainder of the Summer months. They were voted one of the best spots in Denver for a craft brew on the patio. Come enjoy specialty craft beers beginning at $4.


Shameless Plug. Denver Start UP week is coming up. Please vote for some of the design panels that have been proposed by some of the community members in Denver UX.

 Female Design Leadership 

The Designers Hippocratic Oath 

How to get your 1st / Next UX job

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Exploring UX Research!

    UX Director of Universal Mind RJ Owens spoke about how and why we do research. There was also a special appearance by the Nintendo Power Glove.

    Building a seat at the table

    Building a seat at the table: Promoting user centered designs with stakeholders - Joel Kilby gave an informal and practical discussion about how to apply empathy to your internal stakeholders, and demonstrate the value that UX brings to the organization.

    UX Brainstorming Workshop!

    User Experience Consultant Kris Davis will guided UXers through a workshop focused on creative brainstorming activities. We had fun while learning how to generate ideas and solutions at our job.