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Intro to Accessibility!

• What we'll do
In case you've wondered "aren't accessibility and usability sort of the same thing?" the answer would be no. Accessibility refers to a software, hardware or real life situation like a bar/ restaurant or public transportation option being usable by people who have some sort of disability (visual, hearing, mobility, cognitive).
Usability refers to the quality of a person's interaction with any of those things.

Join us for an experiential scavenger hunt where you will scout around the neighborhood for examples of accessible and usable items and stores and other public areas. We'll discuss the basic principles of what to look for in accessibility (like how does one do an ADA audit of a retail store?), go out in small groups and pursue the scavenger hunt while "being blind/ low vision, hearing impaired or using a wheelchair". We will have a limited time to gather the items on our scavenger list. Once back at home base we will pool our experiences and weigh whether the UX of the locations were favorable or not. Last, we will compile some lists of design focused improvements on our experiences.

This is a fast paced group activity. Come prepared to walk the neighborhood, take pictures on your phones, measure doorways and counters, look at menus and entrance ways, figure out how you would communicate if you couldn't hear the conversation and more. Led by Elianna James, a local accessibility specialist, who is experienced at probing the intersection between accessibility and usability.

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Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Exploring UX Research!

    UX Director of Universal Mind RJ Owens spoke about how and why we do research. There was also a special appearance by the Nintendo Power Glove.

    Building a seat at the table

    Building a seat at the table: Promoting user centered designs with stakeholders - Joel Kilby gave an informal and practical discussion about how to apply empathy to your internal stakeholders, and demonstrate the value that UX brings to the organization.

    UX Brainstorming Workshop!

    User Experience Consultant Kris Davis will guided UXers through a workshop focused on creative brainstorming activities. We had fun while learning how to generate ideas and solutions at our job.