Denver Designers is a collective of designers coming together to forge a community of design professionals to learn, grow, and share knowledge. We strive to push ourselves and our peers to uphold best design principles and practices. We want to showcase our unique work and culture that highlights our distinctness of being in the Mountain region designer. By creating an inclusive, respectful, collaborative community with strong leaders and practitioner to share knowledge with each other and mentor the next generation of designers. Come meet our community at a monthly happy hour hosted at a unique spot in town or come join us for a panel/workshop hosted at a different studio to highlight different companies in town.

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Happy Hour at 715 Club

Spring snow storms forced a change in venues but 715 was gracious enough to host us last minute. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Design Research for New Platforms and the why of Research

    Hello Designers,

    We all love the idea of designing for something on the horizon, innovating and shaping the future of products at the cutting edge of technology. However, when we are faced with such tasks, how do we begin to do research when the platforms we are trying to design for does not exist and there are no users yet?

    We are excited to host these experienced individuals in Denver to walk us through their process and methodology as they tackled the vastness of researching for an unproven and new platform. They all come from different backgrounds and will bring amazing perspectives to our community.


    Tentative Speakers
    Amara Hulslander: Sr. Designer, Amazon
    Matthew Reiswig: Principal Designer for PCFS, Pivotal.
    Dave Hora: Principal, Dave's Research Company, Ltd

    6:00 Mingle & Mix over food and drinks
    6:15 Intros
    6:20 Talk 1
    6:55 Talk 2
    7:30 Talk 3
    8:05 Q& A / Finish up cleaning and head out ( we want to be respectful of our host studio and leave before 9. However, we encourage our members to build professional relationships and continue the conversation via our slack channel,, or IRL over coffee/ drinks )

    We are also proud to announce our newest partnership with Skookum Agency. They will open up their downtown studio to host us with food & drinks for the evening.

    1801 California St Suite 2400 · Denver, CO

    Parking Instruction:
    Street Parking or Garage downtown. There are also options for light rail and bus as the studio is located downtown.


    1st HH of 2019

    Hello Designers & Friends,
    We are kicking off 2019 at this creative brewery in the Art District of Santa Fe. What better way is there to mingle with your fellow designers than trying out new craft creations like: Turkish Coffee Stout, Dos Luces Brewery Chicha Morada, and Chai English Bitter ( to name a few). For those of us that are still on the New Year resolution of non alcohol, they have nitro coffee and kombucha. You can also order food to be delivered at the location.

    The venue said they will have tables for us inside in the back. I think this will be a really good settings for us to kick off the year. The owner is an avid traveler and love the "experience" that his "product" offers. Check out his stories here and order a few flights of these exotic beers to try with your fellow designers.
    They are giving our members $1.50 off of a full pour. Be kind to your bartenders.

    Adding a twist to this HH
    Get your name tag, on it write 3 epithets that describe you or what you would like to be known by. Look at others' name tag, ask them why they would like to be known by those epithets and what are they doing to make that happen.
    I'm looking forward to some interesting conversation over the most creative craft beers in Denver.
    See you all there.

    Zoe, Seth and the rest of the gang.


    Imposter Syndrome

    Hi Denver Designers,

    We have a special event for Feb. We'll be collaborating with a few other groups to host this chat around Imposter Syndrome.

    Are you afraid of being found out as a fraud? Impostor Syndrome is common in entrepreneurs and high achievers, with some estimates suggesting as many as 70% of successful people experience impostor syndrome causing self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and depression. In this roundtable discussion, we'll talk about how impostor syndrome shows up in life and business, as well as tips and tools to overcome impostor syndrome so it doesn't stop you from being your best and enjoying your success!

    About the Presenter: Chrysta Bairre is a career coach, speaker, author, and founder of Live Love Work.
    Chrysta works with successful mid-career professionals and service-based entrepreneurs who want more from life and career. Chrysta's clients increase their professional impact and income-- so work smarter, make more money, and find happiness in and out of the office.
    Chrysta has spoken at Ignite Denver and Ignite Fort Collins, presented at Boulder Startup Week, Fort Collins Startup Week, Colorado State University, Colorado SBDC, Aurora Chamber of Commerce, and more than 50 other events and organizations.
    Chrysta is also the founder of She Leads, a women’s leadership group for professional women in Northern Colorado.
    She is a 2016 and 2017 participant and facilitator of Larimer County Women of the Year program.
    Her upcoming book, Beautiful Badass: How to Believe in Yourself Against the Odds, shares her stories and lessons from overcoming poverty and depression in this guide for women who want to take command of their destinies and no longer fall prey to the hardships and setbacks that previously defined them.

    Please also RSVP at General Assembly: