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Patio Drinking at Ratio

Let's grab drinks at Ratio and spend time in their amazing patio chilling with your fellow designers. No agenda, you can talk "design" or just come to destress from the work day.

Dogs are welcome at this patio and there's plenty of space. There are food options at the rotating food trucks, Finn's Manor across the street, and Shake Shack within walking distance.

We'll think of some interactive activities or coordinate pizza parties day of. Feel free to communicate your ideas here or Slack message us.

Looking forward to see you all.

Who can join?

Digital Designers


Lovers of UX

Making friendsAND learning stuff!

  • Exploring UX Research!

    UX Director of Universal Mind RJ Owens spoke about how and why we do research. There was also a special appearance by the Nintendo Power Glove.

    Building a seat at the table

    Building a seat at the table: Promoting user centered designs with stakeholders - Joel Kilby gave an informal and practical discussion about how to apply empathy to your internal stakeholders, and demonstrate the value that UX brings to the organization.

    UX Brainstorming Workshop!

    User Experience Consultant Kris Davis will guided UXers through a workshop focused on creative brainstorming activities. We had fun while learning how to generate ideas and solutions at our job.